2019 FCCLA Week

Monday, February 11:

Be Spirited

Kick off FCCLA week by encouraging your classmates to Go For the Red! Show your FCCLA spirit and promote FCCLA in your community.



Tuesday, February 12:

Be Confident

Be confident in your abilities to succeed. Share how FCCLA has prepared you for a successful future and how it has encouraged you to Believe in Yourself.



Wednesday, February 13:

Be Prepared

Show others how FCCLA career pathways have prepared you for your future! Take part in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Educator Day and recognize the achievements of FCS educators and programs.


2019 FCCLA Week

Thursday, February 14:

Be A Friend

Take the time to show your appreciation for those who have supported you throughout your FCCLA journey and have encouraged you to Believe in Yourself. Be a friend and encourage others to do the same.



Friday, February 15:

Be You in Red

Believe in the power of red as we unite to show our FCCLA pride! Share what FCCLA red means to you and how it has given you the confidence to be you.


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