Scholarship Application Form due March 1

Submit all documents electronically to:

  1. Current FCCLA Member – Senior in High School
  2. Letters of recommendation (one from each category below)

A.  FCCLA Chapter Adviser
B.  School Administrator – (Principal, Director, Supervisor, Assistant Principal, Counselor) or; School Personnel – (Teachers, Coaches, Club Advisors
C.  Employer/Community Leader

3..  One page resume

4.  Current High School Transcript (2.5 GPA or above on a 4-point scale is required)

5.  Candidate head shot in official FCCLA dress attached as a JPG.

Eligible candidates will be notified of their interview date, location and time. Recipients will be notified prior to State Leadership Conference. You must be present at State Leadership Conference to receive the Scholarship.

Awards will be granted upon successful completion of the first semester or upon successful completion of a post-secondary program. Scholarships will be paid to individuals or educational facilities. Recipients must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Scholarship money will be dispersed in February of the following year. Recipients must send necessary information for payment.

All reimbursement forms must be submitted by FEBRUARY 1.