Ohio FCCLA Endowment annually awards ten $500.00 scholarships. Candidates applying may attend a certificated program, technical school, a two-year post- secondary school or a four-year post- secondary school. 

Named Scholarships

Adel Riegel Scholarship – $500

Adel was the FHA and FHA/HERO state supervisor for many years demonstrating tremendous leadership guidance. The scholarship is to be granted to a member majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences Education or a member exhibiting outstanding leadership qualities.

Jay Hershey Memorial Scholarship – $500

Jay was involved with FCCLA for over 25 years and was a founding member of the Endowment.  Awarding scholarships to deserving members was Jay’s passion along with actively contributing to his community.  Selection criteria; a FCCLA member who  exemplifies well-rounded involvement with family, school, and community.

Clifford “Poppy” Collins Scholarship -$500

Clifford Collins known as “Poppy”  was a constant presence at local, state, and national FCCLA meetings for many years . He bestowed upon members his  fatherly and grandfatherly wisdom through jokes, encouraging stories, and prodded the members to do the very best with their lives. Criteria for selection are based upon the member who can exemplify their personal growth through FCCLA.

Lindsey Platfoot Memorial Scholarship -$500 underwritten by Clifford Collins

This scholarship is underwritten by Clifford Collins. Lindsey, a past state and national officer, realized the importance of scholarships for young people. Wishing the organization to forever blossom, she became an alumni member and continued to  contribute and support student leaders, the way she was supported as an officer and member. Any extra cash would be donated  to the Endowment fund. Criteria for selection are based upon the member who demonstrates an exuberance for life and supporting FCCLA.

Paulette Farago Honorary Scholarship – $500

Paulette is a  founding member of the Endowment, a retired Family and Consumer Science teacher and past state advisor to FCCLA. Her tireless efforts and dedication to Ohio FCCLA  and her untiring dedication for the students have been profound. Selection criteria are a student who exhibits leadership and dedication to FCCLA.

Ohio FCCLA State Degree Scholarship – $500

The Ohio FCCLA State Degree Scholarship is awarded to an Ohio FCCLA member that has achieved the Ohio FCCLA State Degree and applies  for the scholarship. The scholarship is based on academics, FCCLA involvement, leadership, career goals, school and community involvement.

Ohio FCCLA Endowment Scholarship – $500

Three scholarships are awarded annually to FCCLA members who are graduating seniors. The scholarship is based on academics, FCCLA involvement, leadership, career goals and school and community involvement.

Ohio Alumni and Associates – $500

Having supported the endeavors of the Ohio FCCLA chapter members, executive council and overall programming. The A&A scholarship is awarded to eligible recipients selected from the past two year awardees who submit an application,  grades,  and state how they have remained active with FCCLA.

Applicants need only submit one form to apply for all available scholarships. The selection committee will determine the appropriate recipients for each scholarship based upon the submitted application and interview.

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